Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Almost done...almost

Here's a sneak peak at the living room update.
The total time spent on this project was two weeks.
I have some details that still need to be addressed, like the electrical plate covers,
grass cloth wallpaper, window treatments, and new furniture.

I went from a temporary dark paint color, to a bright high gloss white.
I have to say I stepped out of my comfort zone with the dark paint and 
I ended up liking it.
Here's the before, shutters gone, after we started with the demo.

 Progress is being made. It's so much fun to leave for the day
only to return to see what's been done.

While I was in the zone, I decided to add a few extras.
Instead of replacing the dining room with the paneling half way, I
went floor to ceiling. And yes, I will start looking for a new lighting 
fixture. I also added paneling above the sliders, and each side of the fireplace.
Against the wall in the dining room is a small cabinet. I'm having new doors made and
the upper cabinet removed and replaced with shelves. Once finished, they'll
go to the painter to get sprayed.

Once the wood was primed, I thought I saw a huge difference.
Nail holes were filled, walls sanded, then sprayed.
That's when I really could appreciate all the sanding. It took one entire day
with two workers.

I need to let you know that with a big El Nino forecast for this winter, I decided
to pull the outdoor furniture inside. Once the patio gets finished, out it
goes, where it belongs.

One of the most pleasant surprises I experienced while undergoing the 
demo, was how much more room I would have by removing the hearth and running
the tile up to the fire box.

So, once the details get done, the room has undergone a total
transformation. From old to new. Dark to light.

I'm planning on adding the paneled walls in my entry
and up staircase. I like the feeling, and want to carry it from
room to room. 

Thanks for stopping in today,



  1. I love the before and after photos! It's looking amazing! You must be so excited to have it all taking shape.



    1. Oh Fabiana, I am! It's exciting and exhausting at the same time. I have taken on a huge task in fixing this place up. The next project is siding and paint. Did I just say that???
      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. You have some fabulous style, Sharon. It's so fun to see the before/after images. Looking forward to seeing more. LOVE your woodwork and chandelier...chic!
    xx, Heather

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thank's for following along! It's fun to look back at "the way things were".
      Sometime this month the house will be getting new cedar shingles and a fresh coat of paint. Two week project! That's when I'm going to really feel the shift.
      Thanks again for stopping in,