Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hermes Avalon Blanket

I save Hermes picture on Pinterest, and went to review my collection of photos.
I find it interesting to see how I view a  room with an Avalon blanket, as to how I feel about the   
room if it's removed.
I got to thinking, is it possible to purchase a classic, and have it change the look of a room?
Elevate the rooms style by adding it? Let's face it, trends come and go, but classic's stay

Chaise & Blanket- love screens:

Chic! Saddle Leather Sofa, Slim Aarons Photograph, Hermes Avalon Blanked:


All of these room would look so different if the blanket
was removed. 
If it's the balance of color, filling in negative space,
or just the luxury, it does add something.

A big something.

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