Sunday, March 27, 2016

Some more blue and white

As I start the week, I'm preparing for the painter Monday morning.What does this have to do with blue and white? I have three paints on the house as testers. One is out. The other two are approved colors, but I'm not loving either one of them. This is the kind of thing that keep me up at night. Imagine how much better you feel when you know for sure that this is it. I don't feel that way, and it's a huge mistake to make.

So what does a girl do? The lighter color is what I think I'm going to do. Naturally, second guessing myself, the darker one has me thinking. So while I needed to clear out the patio, I placed the 6' Chinese Soldier Vase in front of the paint. Here's where the blue and white came in. I think it helped me make a decision.

So to honor the blue and white, drum roll please...

Not sure how you would speak to the person in front of you but it is certainly a pretty table!:

We've all seen images of blue and white used in gardens, and it 
doesn't disappoint!

Chinese soldier vases / These are like the Alice-In-Wonderland of Happiness Pots!!!:

When I was out shopping and spotted the Chinese Soldier vase, it was this
image from Pinterest that educated me on what it was. The air was sucked out from my lungs
and I smacked a sold sign on it before I almost passed out.

Blue and white...:

I'm sure the painter will do a larger paint swatch before the decision is made.

Until then, it's a two week process and I'm just trying to
stay focused on getting through the first week. 

Big changes yield big results!

Happy Monday,



  1. Can never have too much blue and white!

  2. Sharon I know you'll pick the right shade you've got great designer instincts. We haven't painted our exterior yet but I can imagine how tricky that is.

    1. Leslie,
      I'm locked in with a HOA color pallet, and I've never painted anything so big. I also am considering the bright sun. Size and brightness....two new firsts for me.