Monday, May 30, 2016

Looking for that special piece

Sometime I walk into a room and my eyes land on that "something special" piece in the room.
I am a traditional girl with traditional taste. However, that doesn't mean that I don't long for that
different piece that just stands out when added into traditional decor.
Looking at the room below I feel as if almost any decor can work. 

Wainscoted fireplace.:

Can you imagine a very traditional decor with the photo below added into the mix?
I can. And I'm constantly looking for that one special piece that jumps out.
It works for me because of the navy and the gold.
 I love gold!

Slub Velvet Edlyn Ottoman -

Or a vignette like the photo below. Perhaps in an entry or hallway.
I can see each piece as a stand alone or as is.
Mixing styles can keep it interesting and ageless.
Much like dressing. There's nothing I like more than a vintage bag.


No matter what your style preference is, I hope you try mixing it up
for a fresh look. 

I hope June starts off well for everyone.
I love fresh starts because you never know what
good things are coming!



  1. Wow...that would be stunning - great eye, Sharon! Hope you're having a great week!

    1. Thanks for stopping in! I always appreciate the visit.

  2. I love your taste! We are two peas in a pod... keep it coming, girl!

    1. Hi Fabiana,
      I feel the same about you! Thanks for stopping in today.

  3. yep love all of these my friend!! xo K