Friday, June 3, 2016

Time to relax

Finally! The weekend has arrived.

I didn't know I liked white climbing roses, but now I do! Tory Burch's covered porch.:

It's going to be about 103 here. I've already watered the plants. 
I'm planning on an early morning walk, and 
more gardening.

I found a beautiful cabinet that's on hold until 5 pm tomorrow.
If it's not purchased, it's mine!

Let's see what happens.
Fingers are crossed!



  1. Hi Sharon I thought of you when I read about the fires near Topanga. Hope you're not near any of those fires.

    1. Oh thanks Leslie! I am far enough away but still worry. Living in So Cal we all know just how those wild fires can turn into infernos. The heat doesn't help. Thankfully I think it's out. It's going to be a long fire season.
      Really nice of you to think that f me. I appreciate it 🙏🏻

  2. That veranda is so pretty. I want to come over and have coffee there. I hope you got that cabinet. Maybe you'll show it next time?